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There’s no country in the world that Sweden does more trade with than Germany. In this context, we’ve been handling the legal matters of Swedish-based companies for more than two decades. We’re highly qualified and experienced law consultants. We’re made up of both Swedish and German native speakers and, of course, we speak English, too. Affiliated with the HEUSSEN Sweden Desk is Germany’s only lawyer and notary public, who is also a Swedish lawyer. We have an excellent network and solid contacts in both Germany and Sweden. This allows us to better help you in legal matters both large and small.

HEUSSEN Sweden Desk offers comprehensive and individually tailored legal consulting in Swedish-German business matters for corporate and individual clients. Focal points of our consulting services include:  

  • Labor/employee law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial and contractual law
  • M&A regulations
  • Industrial property rights
  • Construction and real estate law
  • Litigation
  • Foreclosure
  • International private law
  • Cross-border inheritance matters

For business start-ups in Germany, the HEUSSEN Sweden Desk offers the following services, to name just a few:   

  • Consultancy on the choice of legal form
  • Corporate contract drafts
  • Commercial register entries
  • Legal administration of companies
  • Purchase or lease of real estate, incl. ongoing consultancy
  • Labor/employment law Consulting
  • Legal consulting on corporate acquisitions and mergers as well as due diligence

Your legal representative at the HEUSSSEN Sweden Desk is a certified lawyer and notary public in Germany, in addition to being a certified lawyer in Sweden. He is thoroughly familiar with all the individual cultural nuances of both countries.