The HEUSSEN law firm employs a team of six notaries, five of whom at its Frankfurt office and one at its Berlin office. They offer the full range of services of any modern notary’s office with a focus on real estate law, corporate law and inheritance law. 

Our notaries 

  • have many years of experience in the handling of complex notarizations, cross-border notary business and agreements with an international context;

  • are well-versed in international business with comprehensive foreign language skills in English, French, Italian and Swedish;

  • have nation-wide electronic access to commercial registers and land registers within Germany while being familiar with registers outside of Germany too, including British, French, Italian, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Swedish and Swiss registers as well as the commercial register of Hong Kong;

  • can count on the professional support of experienced staff members in the preparation, notarization and conclusion of contracts and agreements.

Range of Consulting Services: 

Real Estate Law:
Notarization of real estate business transactions (residential/commercial property portfolios), wind farms, property divisions pursuant to residential property laws, property development business, establishment and transfer of property-type rights such as leaseholds, easements for wind power plants, rights of way, line easements as well as rights of abode. 

Corporate Law:
Business foundations of any and all forms including stock corporations, foundations and associations, corporate transformations, notarization of decisions, share transfers, corporate measures based on the German Transformation Act (mergers incl. cross-border, changes of form, etc.), approval resolutions on corporate agreements, amendments to Articles of Association, appointment/dismissal of managing directors, board members and authorized signatories, liquidations as well as any and all commercial register procedures. 

Inheritance Law
Last wills, inheritance agreements, anticipated inheritances, corporate successions, enforcement of testamentary dispositions, implementation of bequests and joint beneficiary dispute settlements. 


Contact details of the data protection officer
If you have any questions, comments or wish to exercise your rights under the DS-GVO, please feel free to contact the data protection officer of our notaries: Dr. Stefan Bauer, Stephan Correll, Dr. Thomas Miller, Norbert Pahl, Prof. Wolfgang Trautner, and Karl Woschnagg via the mail address: