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France is and remains Germany’s most important trade partner (with a trade volume of approx. 167 billion Euros in 2016). Yet, certain barriers continue to impede communication between German and French business partners – not only the language barrier, but cultural barriers too. Whatever their nature, overcoming them is easy with the help of our French Desk. All lawyers and notaries public handling our French Desk are fluent in French, some having earned their degrees from French colleges or practical work experience gained in France.

The French Desk is our consulting tool that serves French companies with business interests in Germany.

Likewise, our French Desk serves German companies when it comes to contract negotiations or court proceedings in France.

The system is in part based on our frequent involvement of the French attorney network GESICA – we are, after all, the only German law firm with membership in the network. GESICA has a law firm member in virtually every judicial district in France. Plus, the network is represented in more then 30 countries outside of France. Membership in GESICA is based on strict quality criteria.

Some of the most frequent consulting requests at our French Desk include:

  • Formation of subsidiaries
  • Development of distribution structures
  • Acquisition of businesses/companies or business divisions/company shares
  • Multidisciplinary litigation
  • Intellectual property applications (e.g., trademarks)
  • Defense of intellectual property rights against (potential) infringements
  • Contracts for employee transfers