At HEUSSEN, specialists from all different legal sectors are available to assist you as a company owner, top executive, shareholder or investor.

Our lawyers are organised in 11 practice groups and 7 country desks. This structure enables us to address our clients’ issues and bundle our know-how for their specific needs. 

With many of our clients we have been working closely for a considerable time. This has enabled us to develop a thorough understanding of their specific businesses or sectors. Thus you will find not only individual experts in the various legal fields, but also competence teams for diverse industry sectors. 

Furthermore HEUSSEN law firm provides a team of six notaries, five of whom at its Frankfurt office and one at its Berlin office. They offer the full range of services of any modern notary’s office with a focus on real estate law, corporate law and inheritance law.

Here you will find a brief description of our practice areas, which will give you an initial insight into our practice. If you are interested in further information the nominated Practice Group contacts will be pleased to provide you with further assistance. Of course you are also welcome to contact the nominated representatives at any of our offices.